Innovative: Bespoke: Quality:.....this is the focus at di Rosa.  Whether it be a kitchen, piece of furniture, vanity, wardrobe, laundry or anything else you can imagine - our focus is on being creative, unique, and most importantly a high quality product at the end of it that you will love, and will last for years to come.   Attention to detail is a high priority, along with good old fashioned 'customer service' - you are working with the owners of the company, who care about you, what you want, and what goes out our door.  
At di Rosa, we enjoy doing things 'outside the box' - anything is possible, and there are lots of different products available.  di Rosa specilises in custom making furniture for you so you get a unique piece, exactly to the style and dimensions you need for your house.  If you are not sure what you want then we have a range of designer furniture in our Matamata showroom for you to choose from, or to help give you ideas.   
Or let us design and make your new kitchen, with displays and products in our showroom to help you with the many choices you face.  Also on display in our showroom are the many designs of 
PRESSED TIN PANELS® pressed metal products available, so call in and have a look.