There are over 45 different PRESSED TIN PANELS aluminium panel designs you can choose from.  di Rosa carries in stock 'Original', 'Large Maple', 'Mudgee', 'Brick', 'Clover', 'Shield', 'Snowflakes', 'Fish Scale' and 'Maddington'. Click here to see the online brochure from the PRESSED TIN PANELS™ manufacturer. 
We also place an order every four weeks with PRESSED TIN PANELS Australia, and bring in to order all the other designs that are available, along with any cornice mouldings, borders and mitre leaves that you require.  By combining all the NZ orders together every two weeks, it means the freight is kept to a minimum.  
The designs carried in stock can be sent out straight away, and images are below of these.  All other designs have a wait of 2-3 weeks.  For large orders we encourage you to place your order as early as possible, so we can ensure there is enough quantity available for you.
Please click on the following link to see all the designs available.